Sunday, August 22, 2010

Python in the Clouds

Consegi 2010 is over. It was a great meeting! I was happily suprised to realize how far the adoption of free software has come in the last few years. Congratulations to the Free Software community for such a successful lobby!

Big thanks are due to Giuseppe (@gsromag) , Luiz Guilherme (@aldabalde) and their colleagues from SERPRO, who where responsible for the or ganization of this amazing meeting.

Python was also a big winner in this event. A large number of talks and workshops either focused or used python directly. I personally gave a workshop and a talk on Google App Engine in auditoriums filled to capacity with people with the most varied backgrounds, from students to government IT people.

Another interesting trend (sentiment?) that I could pick up in the event was a certain disconfort around JAVA, mainly due the its legal liabilities as illustrated by the recent legal action unleashed by Oracle against the usage of Java in the Android platform.

I was also glad to learn about the Free Cloud alliance, and some interesting free-software, cloud related tools such as NiftyName and Neopodd.

My big thanks to the organizers for inviting me, and for such a great event.

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