Sunday, December 9, 2007

Free ZODB!

I am a big fan of ZODB and use it standalone (without Zope) on many projects of mine. One of the things I miss, is a community around it. I don't care much about Zope (though I admire it as a project) and have not being able to find a ZODB focused community. Is there one?

I think ZODB is a great product, the best Object-Oriented database for Python. It's a shame it does not have an active and vocal user community. Maybe ZODB has been eclipsed by Zope for too long. Zope is a cool project, but ZODB could appeal to a much wider audience than just web application developers.

Everytime I start a new application based on ZODB, I think: "what if the ZODB developers stop developing it...", "What if I find I serious bug or limitation in it, and can't motivate (or contact) the developers to fix it...".

I think many people abandon the Idea of using ZODB in their projects, because they can't identify a strong community interested in issues outside serving Zope applications.

Yet, ZODB has been alive for such a long time, feeding on the leftovers from the Zope community...

Isn't it about time ZODB is emancipated into a project standing on its own merits (which are many) and attracting its own community?


Anonymous said...

to contigo. Eu havia pensado em algo semelhante.

Richard Jones said...

ZODB has been available as a software component in its own right for quite some time. See

Calvin Spealman said...

You might look at Repoze, which is breaking zope into different components, so they can interoperate with other python projects and be used piece-meal. The communities that grow around this will probably be a good place for the same kind of zope-without-everything-zope thing you want to do.

Dirceu Pereira Tiegs said...

Hello Flávio,

As Richard Jones said, there is Launchpad, a great resource for proposals and bug reporting. There is also a ZODB mailing list [1] with a great community (not in size, but in value ;-)) and some people (including myself) are working on a website to aggregate all tutorials, faq, how-tos, etc. about ZODB (standalone and with zope).

1 -

usagi said...

Richard and Dirceu,

Thanks for the info, I already knew the launchpad site, but it's not too informative at this point, but it does give reassurance to potential users that (stand-alone) ZODB is being actively developed.
Dirceu, It is great to know that there are people working in creating a ZODB site with up-to-date Documentation and tutorials. I think the lack of up-to-date documentationon on ZODB 3.8 is the greatest barrier to new users.

I recently found a ZODB 4.0a in Pypi but could not find anywhere a list of new features, or any information about it....

We need to change all that!!

Dirceu Pereira Tiegs said...


"The ZODB 4 project has been abandoned. Much of the work done in that project was folded back into ZODB3." (Jim Fulton)

Anonymous said...

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