Monday, December 14, 2009

LaTeX Tikz examples

I am currently working on a presentation where I have to include a lot of mathematical graphs, so instead of plotting using matplotlib and inserting the result as a figure, I am considering using specialized LaTeX packages to create the graphs. While searching for documentation, I found this great repository of examples for the Tikz package.

referente a: (ver no Google Sidewiki)


Ilias Soumpasis said...

Impressed. I knew the package, but I did not know that it can do sooooooo much. I was impressed with the 3D and the animations. It is a pity that I did not know this earlier, because I wanted to do a challenging 3D plot. Another good one, especially for trees and path diagrams, is graphviz ( I have found that a few days ago and I was also impressed. It is not incorporated in latex, but it gives the option to translate to tikz. Sometimes the translation is not so good, but it can create pdf, svg etc.

Flavio Coelho said...

@Ilias: checkout asymptote as well, but it's little bit harder to use.

André said...

Thanks you very much for this link. I did not know about Tikz and it looks just like the kind of thing I need.

Nicki said...


I started a matplotlib --> TikZ converter some time ago at GitHub. It can't do much yet, but for plain graphs, possibly with some labels, legends, this kind of simple stuff, it should work all right.


Thomas Arildsen said...

I know it's been a while since you wrote this post, but do you know a way to generate TiKZ/PGF plots from within Python?